$500 Bonuses — Am I the Last Person on Earth to Hear about It?

Janice Arenofsky
3 min readMay 8, 2021


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Thanks to Roz Warren and her informative article, I know now that quality doesn’t matter to Medium. All that matters is followers, claps and some other crap that algorithms dig up. I’m really mad. I’M ON STRIKE!!!!

I’m wasting my time writing for nothing and Medium doesn’t care that my one-year anniversary is coming up and I should be rewarded for just staying with this venue. I must be crazy. Indeed I am crazy as most of my articles allude to. I’m a depressive and if I weren’t, I’d get the hell out of this chair right now and find a better way to write for money. I actually used to be an earner — ask the American Society for Journalists and Authors. I’M ON STRIKE!!!

I wrote three books. Granted they’re not blockbusters but for people who worship Beyonce and try to have children with only a turkey baster and some spare time, I was a fabulous fountain of wisdom. Plus I’ve advanced the cause for Valley Fever more than all the politicians in Washington, including stupid Kevin McCarthy and his Republican cronies. Go back to Bakersfield, Kevin, and load up on toxic fungi so that you can get Valley Fever and prove to the world that it’s a life threatening illness. And Ev Williams, maybe you’d like to join him! I’M ON STRIKE!!

But no, did Medium give a damn that I almost singlehandedly have advanced the cause for Valley Fever by advocating for a vaccine and meds? No, they rewarded people who probably haven’t done anything more than draft followers by (a) paying them (b)paying them and © paying them even more. I’M ON STRIKE!!!

I’ve had it, Medium. You either pay me a $500 bonus or I’m leaving this stupid venue for something else as worthless. And there are lots of magazines and opportunities out there for people who will write for nothing. So why should I write for you, Medium, when you can’t respect the work I’ve already put out there. Don’t you care that now millions of dogs will be safe from Valley Fever?I’M ON STRIKE!!!!

You don’t care. I can tell because I still haven’t gotten an answer from you and I’ve already in my mind published this piece. I’m just as good a writer as any of those $500 bonus people, and I’d settle for less if push came to shove. So consider this…



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