Here’s Another Liar, There’s a Plague of Them

Janice Arenofsky
1 min readJul 7, 2021

I Got the $500 Bonus — Again | by Smillew Rahcuef | The Haven | Jun, 2021 | Medium

Here’s someone else lying about their getting a $500 bonus. I’m sick to death of these people who don’t have the guts to do what I’m doing. Just go on strike.

They think that by being cutesy and original with disclaimers and “humoristic” pieces, that Ev Williams is going to relent and give them $500. Well, I c an tell you he is not. Even though he can well afford it.

I think the above writer got about 300 claps for her efforts, and this is not going to get her any bonuses. You’ve got to go for a thousand or two at the least. Then maybe you’d be in the running. But no way for a few hundred.

I’ve gotten a few hundred and Ev turned his nose up at my hard work and told me to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. He didn’t exactly say that, but his actions showed he couldn’t care less what I say and write. So I’m doing exactly that. Saying and writing that I hate Medium, will probably never write on Medium again (seriously) and will only keep my subscription so I can see who else gets a bonus.

End of rant!

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