Liars on Medium

Sick to Death of Them

Janice Arenofsky
2 min readJul 5, 2021


Okay, I just got done wasting my time on Medium reading an article about someone who made $10,000 on their first article they posted on this venue.

Yes I fell hook, line, and sinker for this because I have a thing about honesty. I do it, and it usually backfires. I write about things that are meaningful, give my opinion and then allow others to read it. I tend to think people will do the same exact thing. Wrong!

I’m sick to death of people like the unnamed author of the above article who actually tricked me into reading their article so it can go viral. I don’t know if this stupid article went viral — it doesn’t deserve to — but there’s a good possibility that a lot of people are like me and actually believed that you could get on Medium and do something ridiculous and still make a lot of money.

I believe this because I’ve read all kinds of crap on Medium that goes viral or gets thousands of claps and has not substance or credibility at all. Yes, I’m jealous and still angry about the bonuses these people get for their duplicity.

Honesty doesn’t pay. The above article reminds me of the short stories or films that you read or see when you get to the end of an exciting and spine-tingling provocative story and then find out it was all a dream. It never happened. I hate those people who cop out with that kind of ending.

So I hate that person who got me to read his stupid article and gave me dumb advice that I’ve read about a million times before about choosing a subject that everyone who PAYS on Medium will really like. Something that will grab their attention and won’t let them go. And, yeah, not use a lot of adverbs doing it. I really needed to hear that again!

The only thing I can think of offhand is if someone wrote a suicide note on Medium and actually killed themselves. I wonder if this would go viral and make heap lots of money. I almost feel like doing this and then saying at the end of the note, Hey, disclaimer: this is all a crock of shit. I didn’t kill myself. In fact, I think I’m pretty smart to trick you guys into thinking I’d kill myself just to get a few hundred thousand claps and get a bonus from Ev.

I’m sorely tempted but honesty won’t allow it. Anyone know anything honest that would grab people’s attention and I could get tons of claps?????? What about how I lost 100 pounds eating Godiva chocolate? You think that would get me viral ?Or let’s see, how I spent my summer vacation writing hate notes to Ev Williams. I really could get into that.

So long for now. I’m still on strike so whatever I write is going to be empty-headed garbage. Do you think that will go viral?



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