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Janice Arenofsky
2 min readJun 7, 2021

Still on Strike, but Thanks for Reading

Paradoxically, now that I’m not writing — except for this blog — on Medium, people are going to my profile and reading some of my articles. It amuses me that you can do nothing and get results. That explains why some people are stars on Medium and why some aren’t, me included.

Perhaps that’s the reason why I’ve never gotten a huge following or a bonus. I was just trying too hard, writing too much, being taken for granted. No one gives a good goddamn about effort. It’s results, and although my results have always been good, they haven’t risen to the point that everyone is attracted to my name and profile. For one thing, none of my articles has ever gone viral, and if I’m not mistaken, that’s one of the benchmarks promised to every steady Medium writer. Except me. No virtual anything. Not even a virtual suicide type article that I wrote. Nothing gets attention. Perhaps if I’d died, I would have a better following. Possible. Not guaranteed. Paradox doesn’t always make sense.

The advice on Medium is to to write a lot, make it good, tight, and relevant and you too will be a star. Didn’t happen to me. So I’m now taking a different approach. I’m calling it the WTF approach. I don’t give a damn if you read my stuff, but thanks a lot if you do. You won’t be disappointed because I’ve given you some funny or neat advice for the time you invested.

That’s what I’ve wanted to say for a while now. I want to thank my new followers and readers for all the support you’ve given me ever since I went on strike. I don’t know if I’ll ever write again on Medium. It’ll depend on the Powers That Be, Ev Williams included, and you people who are curious why I’ve decided to unleash my anger on Medium.

Truth be told, I’m an angry, irritable person with a depressive personality. I’m a natural for a humor writer. I have a gripe around every bend, and when I feel this way, I say f**ck off to anyone and everyone. If you care about my mental health, you’ll tell me to eat dirt and continue writing; if you don’t care about my mental health, you’ll tell me to go f**ck off. Either way you’ll have to write to me, read my gripes, or follow me to just find out out what’s going on in my sick mind.

Thanks for listening. And for all the good people out there who’ve been following my strike reaction to Medium, thanks a lot for not expecting me to put on a smiling face and not care that I don’t get any reimbursement — monetary or emotional — from writing on Medium. I don’t like me either so you’re in good company. Bye for now.

Janice Arenofsky

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