Janice Arenofsky
1 min readMay 27, 2021

Still on Strike

No, I’m not the best writer on Medium, but then neither are many of the bonus winners. I think it’s disgusting that they got rewarded just because they found a way to attract a lot of followers. How do they do it? I don’t know. It’s not just because of their writing. Good writing does not make it here on Medium.

Maybe they arranged a contract in blood. If you love me, I’ll like you. Something like that. I wouldn’t trust anything that goes on in Medium. Makes you w onder. I gave up a whole year o f my life to this experiment in wastefulness, and I achieved my goal: I wasted the entire year even though I got many…

Janice Arenofsky

Humorist who aims to make it to the big leagues. So laugh like a hyena and pretend i’m Fran Leibowitz. What? You don’t know her. Get a life!